About SPG

Skyline Property Group is a private real estate investment and development firm specializing in the acquisition of opportunistic real estate in multiple asset classes. We focus on distressed and value-add growth investments as a means of protecting invested capital and mitigating risk through all economic conditions.


“Know what you own, and know why you own it.”

-Peter Lynch

Investment Philosophy

While our firm is opportunistic at its core, we examine each investment under conservative guidelines.  It is our spirit of entrepreneurship that enables us to recognize inefficiencies in properties where others may not.​​  Our aim is to capitalize on these inefficiencies to achieve consistent returns for our investors, while taking the least amount of risk.

 We use a variety of deliberate strategies to maximize returns, including:

“The best investment on Earth is Earth.”

– Louis Glickman

Investment Objectives

Skyline Property Group provides qualified investors the opportunity to participate in real estate growth ventures that range from long-term income investments to higher returning value-add investments.

Long-term Objective:  These investors are looking for long-term stability, predictable returns, and protection of capital for immediate and consistent yields.  Liquidity is a secondary consideration for these investors as these investments are typically long-term holds.
Value-Add Objective:  These investors are looking for higher capital appreciation and have minimal initial income expectations.  The majority of the returns commonly result from a capital event such as a sale. These investments generally have a shorter estimated hold period and higher leverage.

The information provided above is not an offer or solicitation to invest, rather a general overview of the types of investments offered.  Investments are only offered to qualified investors.

Please contact us at aghatan@skylinepropertygroup.net

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get.”

– Warren Buffett

Acquisition Guidelines

To submit a deal, provide the following:

  • Property & Location Description
  • Market & Demographic Information
  • Sales Comps
  • Lease Comps
  • Photographs, Maps & Aerials
  • Detailed Rent Roll
  • Trailing 24 Month Operating Statement

Send Deals to:

Alexander Ghatan
(310) 274-9797

Brokers are fully protected on both on & off-market deals.